UN-SKRU-America’s favorite since 1977

UN-SKRU under-cabinet jar opener opens 3/4" to 5" diam. lids

UN-SKRU under-cabinet jar opener opens 3/4" to 5" diam. lids

It’s our pleasure to offer this site to our customers, both our long-standing customers, who swear by the UN-SKRU under-cabinet jar opener’s effectiveness and reliability, and our new customers, who are just discovering how easy it can be to open tight screw-top lids and jars.  All this yet still friendly to the environment, needing no batteries with their potentially jarring surges of power and earth-unfriendly disposal problems.

The UN-SKRU is always available, out of sight, under the cabinet and not crowding your kitchen drawers, always effective in opening ALL sizes of screw-top lids, from tiny 1/2 inch lids like nail polish or toothpaste tubes, all the way up to the big 5-inch diameter lids found on large pickle and mayonnaise jars and special containers.

I’ll list some customer comments to get us started, then we hope to hear from you.  Share your stories and photos, too, if you wish.  Let’s  have fun, and spread the word about the effectiveness of this simple, long-standing favorite.

Just click on the “comments” and follow the instructions.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Janet and John


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