Old AARP Ad from 1970s, customer comments

AARP Ad from the 1970s

AARP Ad from the 1970s

Many of our customers remember the several years when we advertised in the AARP newsletter.  Unfortunately, advertising costs continued to rise so sharply that we were faced with a decision:  raise the price of the UN-SKRU sharply, or find other ways to reach our loyal customers.

We now find, as many fine retails have discovered, that the Internet is a friendly business environment that allows us to better showcase our products and more easily communicate with our customers. With this new endeavor, we welcome your comments.

As promised, here are a couple of comments from owners of the UN-SKRU jar opener.

We received this letter from Florida …
“As a retired Engineer I believe that I am qualified to say that your device is the most cleverly designed jar opener that I have ever seen.  You may use this letter as a testimonial if you so desire.”  …Edgar Althouse, Spring Hill, FL

… and from Michigan …
“My neighbor had a stroke and has no use of his right hand.  No way I can describe the smile on his face when he opened a bottle of pop with a screw cap!”
… Orin Mercer, Grandville, MI

Do you have a story to share about the UN-SKRU?  We welcome your email and photo(s).  You can become a permanent part of this forum.  We made it for you.


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