Alcohol potential help for arthritis?

This Bud's for your arthritis?

This Bud's for your arthritis?

Many of our customers have a touch of arthritis and find the UN-SKRU helps protect their joints from strain while opening stubborn jar lids.

In a recent New Scientist article about arthritis, findings were released that suggest moderate consumption of alcohol may offer protection against arthritis.  Don’t roll out the barrel here, because they’re speaking of moderate consumption.  Tests involved (presumably) happy male mice, who were first injected with a collagen to induce rheumatoid arthritis, then given water with 10% ethanol.  At the end of six weeks, 100% of the mice who were only given standard tap water developed rheumatoid arthritis, but only 60% of the tipsy mice who’d been given diluted ethanol developed it.

“This is an interesting and important paper,” says John Hardin, chief scientific officer at the Arthritis Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia, US. “To my knowledge this is the first time that anyone has looked at the ability of alcohol to suppress inflammatory arthritis.”


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