Coping with arthritis, injuries

My latest fashion accessory (the transparent tape allows me to wear my favorite sweather without it adhering to the Velcro)

My latest fashion accessory (the transparent tape allows me to wear my favorite sweater without it adhering to the Velcro)

I sprained my wrist and both thumbs last weekend, and I’m struggling with daily activities.  My niece recently told me the Story of the Spoons, a touching article by a woman who suffers from Lupus, and her effort to explain to her loved ones what it’s like to live when your ability to perform daily tasks is either stripped completely, or when it negatively affects your ability to accomplish ordinary chores and functions. It’s an inspiring story which, upon reading, you might find touching and gain new insight into how to understand others, or to explain chronic illness or pain to your loved ones.

When telling friends and acquaintances about our products, I often mention pronating and supinating, both movements possible because of the marvelous bone structure in our forearms. This accident has reminded me of how painful those intricate movements can be.

I have a touch of arthritis in my hands, and experience that every now and then.  I think it’s become better since I read You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty, by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj (He calls himself Dr. Batman for short), and started drinking more water.

With this latest injury, however, I have become more cognizant of severely limited movement, and how ordinary actions can bring about pain.  Turning the key in the ignition – ouch!  Pulling on shoes?  Difficult.  Picking up my little Chihuahua?  Painful.  Typing?  I’m down to hunt-and-peck.  Zipping a coat?  I found a trick – have my husband start the zipper and safety pin it, and just pull it over my head.  Dishes?  Ignore any that require scrubbing.

Coping tools.  For almost two decades I’ve been working with products designed to cope, to help prevent (further) pain or injury when performing daily tasks, and supplying catalogs who offer our products, as well. I realize that many UN-SKRU owners endure more pain than what I’m currently experiencing, many of them working with chronic pain, this injury increases my appreciation for the way injury or advancing arthritis robs us of full movement, and am glad to be a small part of the  answer to those daily challenges.  How do you cope with arthritis?  Click on the “comment” or “no comment” link below and share with us.


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