I can’t cut my pills in half? Who says?

We deserve freedom to minimize prescription costs

We deserve freedom to minimize prescription costs

by Janet Penaligon

I’ve mellowed enough that it takes a lot to get my blood boiling, but this recent article in The Denver Post pushed me to that point quickly.

It seems insurance companies are refusing to allow people to save money on the outrageously high prescriptions they need by increasing the dosage and cutting the pills in half.

Why would they do that?  They might save the co-pay fee, but they’ll still have to shell out an additional $80 to $150 for the pills.  Why can’t they see that?  Who’s their accountant?

Kudos to United Healthcare, who invites their people to consider slicing their pills and even offers a plastic, razor-edge pill splitter for free.

Shame on Cigna HealthCare, who doesn’t.  Shame on Kaizer Permanente Colorado, who is among the companies that forces customers to pay the same amount for 15 pills to split in half as they would for 30 pills to swallow whole.

You can read the entire article at The Denver Post-Cut Pills Split Insurers.

What’s your insurance company’s stance?  Do you split pills?

Share your experiences with us by clicking on comments, below.


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