Rheumatoid “Heart-thritis” and other heart disease factors

"I keep a close watch on this heart of mine" -- necessary if you have RA

"I keep a close watch on this heart of mine" -- necessary if you have RA

According to the Arthritis Foundation, roughly 1.3 million people suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, also called RA. It involves painful, swollen joints, but two recent studies suggest that RA sufferers also are at increased risk for heart disease. Read more at USA Weekend

The American Heart Association reveals other factors over which we have no control:

* Increasing age – 65 or over.  (At older ages, women who have heart attacks are more likely than men are to die from them within a few weeks.)

* Gender. Men have a greater risk of heart attack and experience them earlier in life.

* Heredity (Race) Those will increased risk include African Americans, Mexican Americans, American Indians, native Hawaiians, and some Asian Americans.

Risk factors we can modify – what we can do:
Stop smoking
Lower blood cholesterol levels
Regular physical activity/exercise
Maintain a healthy weight
Manage your diabetes
Drink only moderate amounts of alcohol

Click here American Heart Association to learn more.


One response to “Rheumatoid “Heart-thritis” and other heart disease factors

  1. Very interesting!

    I am a heart attack survivor, and a 2008 graduate of the ‘WomenHeart Science & Leadership Symposium for Women With Heart Disease’ at Mayo Clinic in Rochester last fall.

    Please visit ‘Heart Sisters’, my website at http://www.myheartsisters.org – devoted exclusively to the subject of women and heart disease. I’d appreciate your feedback.

    Many thanks,
    Carolyn Thomas

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