Banish morning stiffness with hand-happy hobbies


Follow Mother Earth's lead and wake up your hands this spring

Welcome, spring!

Oh, what a beautiful morning – for the senses, the delightful fragrance of lilacs and honeysuckle;  for the spirit, because spring inspires; and for the heart, which feels younger in the presence of renewal.

It may not be so pleasant, however, if your hands creak like an old iron gate, first thing in the morning. If they do, here are some tips to get your hands up to par with the rest of you.

Hot Tub for Your Hands
Pamper your hands with a warm-water soak. While soaking, take the time to consider this new day of your life, your “present” for the day, the beautiful here and now. Plan your day, remembering to include a small treat for yourself after you’ve accomplished any necessary tasks.
The treat can be an activity you never have time for – for this day, give yourself the gift of time, fifteen minutes to relax in the hammock or glider, fifteen minutes in the sun without rushing, fifteen minutes on the phone with a good friend.  You decide, and you can anticipate your reward all day long!

Hire a “Personal Trainer” for your hands – you!
What is that saying?  “Busy hands are happy hands.”  Take the plunge into the soft spring soil and garden. Plant something beautiful or delicious.  Or take the plunge into skeins of gorgeous living colors and start a knitting project.  Let your hands dance across the keyboard, and compose a song or write a poem, or a story, or a journal entry for your children or grandchildren.

Go slowly – avoid repetitive hand motions.  Listen to your hands and tendons, and take breaks and stretches so you don’t overdo it.  Build strength in your hand by keeping a stress ball or tennis ball handy. Squeeze gently at first, then gradually increase, and always stop if it feels painful.  This is a nice, limbering-up exercise for your hands, and a good stress reliever, too.

What are your favorite spring activities?  Do you have hand-happy hobbies?  Share them by clicking on comments, below.


One response to “Banish morning stiffness with hand-happy hobbies

  1. Another tip: paraffin dips can soothe hands and are available at drug and health stores.

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