4 E’s of hand injury prevention

Be your own advocate for hand health

Be your own advocate for hand health

When thinking of my past injuries, which include tendonitis, sprained wrist, carpal tunnel syndrome and a host of others, it occurred to me that most of these injuries could have been prevented by what my mother called moderation.

In a recent blog, Marji Hajic, a certified hand therapist from California, agrees. Her 4 E’s of hand injury prevention:

1. ERGONOMICS – using body mechanics and common sense when completing tasks to avoid excessive wear and tear.

2. EXERCISE – WARM-UP and STRETCHING – It’s just as important to stretch the hands before and during a strenuous hand-related workout as it is to stretch hamstrings before running.

3. EDUCATION – learn how to “address” the keyboard – posture, wrist position, finger position. Even the length of your fingernails can affect hand health.

4. ENERGY – healthy hand habits will not only prevent injury but help the body heal from strenuous hand workout sessions.

Read more about the 4 E’s of hand health at Marji’s blog, http://handpain.blogspot.com

Do you have tips for hand health? Your comments count!  Share with us by clicking on Nocomments or comments, below.


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