Father’s day poem

A Father's Day poem to John

A Father's Day poem to John

He can be your father, your grandfather, your uncle, your adopted father, or an older brother.  He’s so many things to us – coach, lifesaver, homework helper, all-round fan and supporter.  As Father’s Day approaches, we may recall the grey hairs we gave him, and the strange detours we may have taken in the past and how he tried to help us in spite of ourselves.  The older we get the wiser he seems.

In honor of Father’s Day, I wrote this poem for my husband, John, and for all fathers who love their children and give the world its greatest gift … the future.

Please feel free to put my poem to the paper of your choice for a Father’s Day or Birthday card for him.

In return, please visit our web site and say hi.  Thanks!   –Janet

by Janet Penaligon

Being a dad is more than a day
More than a thank-you or annual display
Your laughter and caring, adventure and humor
So giving, befitting the honor of father

I couldn’t have picked a better man
To travel through life with our crazy clan
You’re my husband, my hero, and may I suggest
A wonderful father — the best of the best!


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