Make life a little happier – spread sunshine!

How will you spread sunshine today?  Please let us know!

How will you spread sunshine today? Please let us know!

Some days are just sunnier than others, thanks to wonderful people who share good news and good will.

Such was the case today when I received this letter from Mary John Thomas of Newnan, Georgia.

“Dear Janet,

You cannot imagine how THRILLED I am to be able to buy a replacement UNSKRU jar opener.  Since mine broke several years ago (after more than ten years of use), I have been trying to find one just like it. During this time, I’ve bought several “fool-proof” jar openers – even one from a shop for the disabled.  All were unsatisfactory!

This is, by far, the BEST jar opener that I’ve ever had.  There is no strain on your wrists and you don’t need THREE HANDS to try to open a stubborn jar lid.  It is everything you say it is and I just love it.

Enclosed is my order form for 3 openers.

You may use any part of this letter for your web site.”

Have you spread some sunshine lately?  I vow to look for proof of things that work properly, that fulfill their promise(s) and that make my life easier, and let the people responsible for that success know I appreciate them.

Meanwhile, thank you, Mary, for brightening my day and for letting us know that our product makes your life easier!


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