Gifts of age – an outstanding book

This fascinating collection of portraits and essays will make a great gift for your special women of any age

I’m reading an informative, inspirational book, and wanted to share it with you.  GIFTS OF AGE, originally published in 1983, is a treasury of insights and thoughts from 32 intelligent, successful women. They share their experience with love, family, success, and life in general.

In addition to these wonderful insights, Pamela Valois’ photos add texture and interest.

Julia Child’s segment is fascinating.  Newly intrigued by Julia after seeing Meryl Streep’s excellent performance in Julie and Julia, I was interested to read about her.  She writes of her wonderful marriage, and discusses how much she enjoyed working with all ages of people.  She spoke fondly of her marriage, and her husband, Paul.

Julia, who lived to be two days shy of 92, shared her “recipe” for happiness:  “A passionate interest in what you do is the secret of enjoying life, perhaps the secret of long life, whether it is helping old people or children or making cheese or growing earthworms.”

GIFTS OF AGE would make a lovely Christmas present for that special woman (of any age) in your life.


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