Yoga for the eyes – eye care

Give your eyes a good workout

Geepers, peepers!  this article from ThinkSmart caught my eye.  From the book Eye Yoga by Jane Rigney Battenberg and Martha Rigney, you can dust off your deep brain and increase your eye muscles, which will help increase your eye’s flexibility, relaxation, ability and stamina…even help maintain or improve vision!   The exercises:  (1) Clock circles – keep your head still and pick a 12 o’clock starting point, sweep your gaze in a clockwise circle.  Reverse and repeat.  (2) Finger push-ups – hold your finger in front of your nose at arm’s length and slowly move your finger closer and farther away, keeping it in focus.  (3) V-in and V-out.  Make a “V” with two fingers, then slightly cross your eyes and focus on a point slightly in front of then slightly behind the V until you see three fingers.  After your eye workout, close your eyes to relax them.


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  1. I was interested in your products, but looking around the site, some of the pictures did not display.

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