About this site, and our products

UN-SKRU Jar/Bottle Opener Opens All Sizes, from 1/2" to 5" in diam.

UN-SKRU Jar/Bottle Opener Opens All Sizes, from 1/2" to 5" in diam.

This site is a celebration of aging and the related wisdom and discoveries that come with experience.  While we realize there are many aging challenges that can overwhelm us, we accept normal aging processes and focus on those areas where we can minimize injury and maximize the joys and gifts that come with age.

Our company fits this philosophy.  Multi Marketing was founded in 1977 when we began selling the UN-SKRU® under-cabinet jar opener and other hand-friendly household openers.  Many of our customers remember the years when we advertised in the AARP newsletter.  We now find that the Internet is a friendly business environment that allows us

Hand Key-per 8-Way Household Opener

to better showcase our products and more easily communicate with our customers.  We welcome your comments on the site, our messages of encouragement, and of course our products. We welcome your suggestions for ways in which we can serve you better.


3 responses to “About this site, and our products

  1. We welcome your comments about the UN-SKRU jar and bottle opener and our other hand-friendly household openers.

  2. When our son moved into his first house, something was missing . . . UN-SKRU! We’ve had ours since our first house in 1981 and he grew up with it. Fortunately, the little white sticker is still attached and a quick Google search later, we’d ordered one for him online! He’ll be so happy to receive it. He misses the bottle opener funtion which my wife and I had almost forgotten about — we use it for jars. Thanks for a great American-made product!

  3. Oops! I misspelled “function.”

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