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Top Ten Gifts for Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Pearlie

The best gifts for active seniors say, "I love you" and "I'm thinking of you."

I’m glad you found my list from last year useful.  I’m back from my on-line shopping trip with some old favorites and some new gift giving ideas for that creatively aging  person in your life.  Be sure to select the shipping method that offers the most value. As we get nearer to Christmas, that may mean upgrading to a faster delivery service.  Happy holidays!

Under $100

HappyLite Mini Ultra Sunshine Supplement Light – – HappyLite Mini Ultra sunshine supplement light system helps fight SAD seasonal affective disorder and winter blues. Available through http://www.comforthouse.com/healsmarairc.html

The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock and Bed Shaker. The Sonic Boom, designed for heavy sleepers or people with hearing loss, wakes you with a loud alarm, bed shaker, or flashing lights. The Sonic Boom can be placed under a pillow, or you can plug a lamp into te back of the clock so the light flashes when the alarm goes off. http://tinyurl.com/yc6wqpc

$50 and up

Jewelry for Seniors – a marvelous web site with a category of gifts for senior men and senior women.  Nice, tasteful, clever ideas make for fun gift-giving. http://tinyurl.com/yber8z3

Under $50The Handybar Vehicle Exit Device. Spare your loved one the embarrassment of those slipping disks. This discreet bar does not require permanent installation so it can be used on multiple cars, on both driver and passenger doors, and front and back seats.  Also features an emergency seatbelt cutter and window breaker.  http://www.wellhaven.com/Handybar?sc=12&category=199

The Easi Grip Arm Support Cuff and Set of Garden Tools. For the gardener in your life.  The garden tools and support cuff work together to assist avid gardeners whose grip has slipped a little due to time, injury or arthritis.  Cuff easily plugs into the rear of any Easi Grip tool. http://www.wrightstuff.biz/eagrarmsucu.html

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes – ah yes, those ugly but practical shoes, right?  Very wrong!  I visited their site and was most surprised with theselection.  Cute boots!  Cute sandals!  Click on the link below and see some of the fun, smart styles.  A gift certificate sure to please. Monalo Blaniks are fine for the twenty- and thirty-somethings, but feet wizened by a few more years seek comfort in addition to style. Nice selection of shoes designed for style as well as comfort. http://www.drschollsshoes.com/Shopping/Results.aspx

Under $10

UN-SKRU Jar and Bottle Opener – S/he will think of you every time they effortlessly open screw top lids. The UN-SKRU’s been around for three decades –– a simple design that works better than any other for opening all sizes of screw-top lids, from tiny nail polish lids all the way up to the big car wax, peanut butter and warehouse-sized wood glue and pickle jars. Eco-friendly, too –– no batteries to wear out and dispose of, and it’s under the cabinet, not junking up her kitchen drawer

This easy to install and use opener opens all sizes of lids, from ½” to 5″ in diameter. It’s so effective that Good Housekeeping kitchens tested it and deemed it “best we’ve used.”  Company also offers the UN-SKRU in a festive gift basket with other hand-helping products.  http://unskru.com

Hand Key-per 8-way Household Opener – Clever opener has internal keys for easier turning of car ignition or home locks. Internally stored bag slitter is handy for envelopes, stubborn plastic bags, and numerous tasks where you “wish I could cut that.”  Also features a small jar opener, an emery board and a magnet so your keys can be stored on fridge or dash board – in easy sight so you won’t lose your keys.   Available on-line  http://tinyurl.com/y8blnwz

DOORNUTS Door knob and Faucet Turners. These simple little polymer O’s install over door knobs in about two seconds and allow folks with limited or no finger grip to open doors. They also fit over water faucets, and come with free DOORNUT HOLES that fit over pens, crochet hooks or art brushes. Go to http://tinyurl.com/y8blnwz

#1 Gift Idea! The best gift you can give is one that involves you.  This from Dear Abby, and too good not to repeat. Visit your loved one and help them set up their tree and decorations. Clean up after yourself, and remember to *complete* the gift after the holidays by returning to take *down* all the decorations and neatly pack them for storage until next year. Isn’’t this a great idea! Happy holidays to all! -Janet